• Communion

    As sons and daughters of God we rightly order our lives around around the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Read More

  • Community

    As brothers and sisters in communion with God, we pursue deep formation as we learn to live a holistic common life, serving one another in love. Read More

  • Commission

    As partners with God, we incarnate the good news in our context and invite our neighbors to actively participate in reconciling our world to God and his Kingdom. Read More

We Care About

Spiritual Direction

Offering relationships based on listening to both what God is doing, and how the individual may be responding.


Creating a place of belonging for the neighbor, stranger, friend and fellow journeymen.


Offering spiritual, emotional and physical restoration to God's original intent for our lives and the places we live.

Disciple Making

Inviting others to discover life and formation in the ways and teachings of Jesus.

Apprenticing & Sending Missional Leaders

Developing missional leaders to live out the missional postures of Listening, Submerging, Inviting, Contending, Imagining, and Entrusting—sending them into their unique kingdom contribution.

Coaching & Mentoring

Helping individuals to discover both themselves and God.

Taste & See

We are are kindom family living as a missional-monastic community who are compelled by and order our lives around: Communion, Community, and Commission.

Taste & See is an invitation to experience life connected to God, in community, on mission in a unique urban context. Wou will learn about our missional outcomes, experience peer coaching, have a hands on experience walking the streets of our neighborhood as well as space to reflect on your unique calling and contribution to God’s Kingdom.

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